At Rocking Horse Academy we pride ourselves on providing an incredible state-of-the-art facility for infant care that is both a safe and exciting environment! We see ourselves as partners in rearing your child to become a healthy, productive person. 

Choosing a childcare center is one of the most difficult decisions a parent can make.   We understand your concerns and want to make sure you leave our center each day knowing that your baby is happy, healthy, and safe. 


We take great pride at Rocking Horse Academy in offering both a safe and exciting educational environment in an incredible state-of-the-art facility! We know that our Toddlers, ages 12-36 months, have newfound mobility and an unlimited curiosity.

Our four Toddler classrooms are carefully designed to provide a secure day care environment that is rich with new challenges and filled with colorful, age-appropriate toys and equipment for hands-on fun!


The Rocking Horse Academy’s theme/literature-based curriculum is developed with preparation for elementary school in mind. Our preschool program is based on researched knowledge of child development and assessment of individual needs and interests.

We also use the state TEKS as an ultimate goal for developing our curriculum. Recognizing that each child is unique and learns differently, teachers use a variety of methods to teach reading, including both phonetics and whole language, and other areas of academia.