Rocking Horse Academy

Tracy D. Terrell Memorial Annual Scholarship

Tracy D. Terrell earned his PhD at the age of 27.  He was a linguistic professor at the University of California at San Diego.  His interest was in acquiring second languages, and he developed a teaching method called the Natural Approach for teaching other languages. Dr. Terrell published college textbooks in Spanish, French, and German and a high school series in Spanish.  He became fluent in 9 languages during his career.  Education was essential to his life and career.  Dr. Terrell died in 1991. 

It was the inheritance of his estate that enabled us to open Rocking Horse Academy, a preschool in Kyle.  As our family values quality education, it is essential for children to prepare to be successful in school.  The Tracy D. Terrell scholarship is one way we can continue his legacy of educating young minds.

Each year $1000 will be awarded to a student graduating from high school and entering an institution of higher learning.  The institution must be an accredited college, university, culinary institute, etc.  Proof of acceptance and enrollment must be provided before a check will be issued.  Checks can be issued directly to the institution or to the parent. 

To be eligible, the student must have attended Rocking Horse Academy for a minimum of 4 years.  The student could have been in our preschool program and/or our after school program.  In addition, the student must be graduating high school with a minimum of 2.5 GPA (high school transcript required) and be in good standing with the school.  Candidates must also complete a 500-1000 word essay to be attached to the application form.  Prompts are included within the application.  We will require at least two letters of recommendation from a Teacher, Counselor, Coach, or Principal stating that the student is of good character and a worthy candidate.

Applications must be submitted no later than May 1 each year.  Please mail your scholarship packet to Rocking Horse Academy Scholarship, 6022 McNaughton, Kyle, TX 78640.  Include your application form, official transcript, essay, 2 letters of recommendation.  Scholarships will be announced at the Senior Assembly at the recipient’s high school and also at the Rocking Horse Academy annual graduation ceremony. 

Any questions should be directed to Jane Terrell, Owner of Rocking Horse Academy at 512-405-3700.