Foals 2 (6 months – 1 year)


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Rocking Horse Academy knows the importance of movement and play, especially when it comes to our mobile babies. We have an environment that encourages their exploration and supports their developing mobility. Our teachers practice positive guidance and implement physical activities to develop social behaviors and gross motor skills.

At this early stage of learning, infants are naturally progressing through periods of gross motor and sensorimotor development; our mobile infant classroom is filled with a variety of colorful, developmentally appropriate toys and equipment designed to support your child’s physical and mental growth. Our teachers know the importance of reading, singing, and playing with the children to ensure progressive language development using English, Spanish, and ASL as well as cognitive and emotional development.

Rocking Horse Academy has designed a program based on exploring visual, sensory and motor skills to help infants grow and develop for a better future. To ensure parents are part of the process daily communication is maintained through electronic reports keeping families informed of eating, naps, diapering and developmental experiences.