Easy Way to Pay

Rocking Horse Academy knows how busy parents are, which is why we offer EZ-EFT Automatic Tuition Draft.

EZ-EFT Automatic Tuition Draft.

Simplify your life with free automatic childcare payments. Rocking Horse Academy to electronically draft your checking or savings account on the designated due date. Simply fill out the authorization form and return with a voided check. We’ll do the rest.

* Rocking Horse Academy does not accept credit card or debit card payments. ALL payments must be made using the EZ-EFT draft feature.

Rates Effective April 1, 2024

Ages Groups Weekly Tuition
Full Time MWF T-TH
0-1 years Foals I & II $310 NA NA
1-2 years Colts & Ponies $310 NA NA
2 years Chargers I & II $295 $210 $175
3 years Pintos $290 $210 $175
3-4 years Mustangs & Wranglers $285 $200 $165
4-5 years Pre K Trotters & Broncos $285 $200 $165
School Age Group Tuition
Weekly Full Day/Holidays Transport
Corral Kids $105 +$45 daily NA
Corral Kids w/ Negley A.M. Drop Off $105 NA +$15
Corral Kids w/ Bus Transport from Kyle, Cullen $105 NA +$20



Registration fees
( non-refundable)
Semi-Annual Supply Fee
( non-refundable)
Security Deposit Fees*

$150 single child rate

+ $50 per additional child

$125 due in September & January.




Prorated rates for mid-semester registration

$300 per child


$ 50 after school only

* When given a 30-day written notice of withdrawal, we will apply your deposit to your final bill.

Wait-listed students

All wait-listed infants must have their $300 security deposit paid before 30 days prior to enrollment. Failure to do so may result in loss of reservation. Deposit is subject to forfeiture if the student does not enroll within 14 days of the reservation date.

Effective January 11, 2021

(A $20 late pick up fee per child is assessed for children picked up at 6:35pm. An additional $1.00/minute per child will accrue until the child(ren) leave the facility).

Effective September 1, 2021

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: Parents/guardians must notify Rocking Horse Academy if your school-aged child is not attending the after-school program for any reason. All reasonable attempts will be made to locate your child if he/she is not at the designated spot at the school for pick-up. Parents/guardians will be charged a fee if a child’s absence is not communicated, and RHA staff is required to inquire or search for that child. See our rate sheet for current fee.