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Great place for my almost 2 year old! He has developed so much since being here! Miss Monica and her assistant are fabulous!

Natasha B.


This review is long overdue. We have been with Rocking Horse Academy for over 6 years now and couldn’t have found a better place to send our kids to. Throughout the years there has been a lot of change around us, however Mrs. Rebecca and Miss Marissa have always been the same. They have such a great staff and are always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to making you feel at ease. Of course there are always challenges with growing kids and new teachers, but I’ve always been able to voice my concerns with the Administration and feel like action is always taken with the children’s best interest at heart. Even through COVID this place remained in constant contact with us and helped us get through all the challenges of not having immediate care. Thankfully, they were so strict with protocols that the school was only closed once! To say that we have made life long friends here is an understatement! We truly are grateful for Rocking Horse!

Tracey G.


My little one has been at RHA for 10 months now.  We have nothing but great things to say about the faculty and staff!  They don’t like you to call their facility a daycare, it’s a school.  Which is absolutely true, even for the babies!  They helped our little girl learn how to feed herself, a bunch of sign language, songs, and have really helped with her social skills.  She went in mid pandemic and they have handled this new crazy world so well.

Amy M.


Our daughter has been going here for about 1.5 years. We love the staff here! When it comes to daycare, we have at least six different choices within our area.  Our family chooses to go here because we know our kid is in great hands.  Every single staff member we’ve encountered knows my child by name; even the staff members that aren’t her teachers.  That really means a lot to us because it shows us that our kid isn’t just another number to them. This is very prevalent during pick-ups and drop-offs because I see every staff member saying “Hi” and “Bye” to every single kid by their name.  

We are very impressed with the amount of things our daughter learns from RHA.  At home, she uses her ‘Pleases’ and ‘Thank you’s’.  She even sign languages the word “Please”.  My wife and I often get comments from strangers when we’re out in public, about how our daughter is so happy and spunky.  We attest a lot of her happy personality to the staff at RHA.  Other things our kid has learned from RHA are the ABC’s (though for a 1.5 year old, she can only go up to the letter “E”), and she even does The Itsy Bitsy Spider hand motions.  When our daughter was 11-12 months old, it was very obvious to us that we chose the right daycare because our kid didn’t want to leave when we would pick her up…still holds true today. 

Michael N.


We have been with Rocking Horse for almost 3 years. Child care is expensive, but we definitely get our money’s worth at Rocking Horse. It’s nice to know that they serve a healthy lunch (extra cost) and snacks. My son has learned so much! 

Jody C.


Rocking Horse Academy has been nothing but great with my son who came from a daycare that was just horrible. Before coming to Rocking Horse Academy he was shy, refusing to potty train, and was not learning new skills, but since joining Rocking Horse, that has changed and now he is learning new things every day, a social butterfly, and even enjoyed potty training with his teachers. The communication, daily activities, parent/teacher relationship, and school environment is one of the best and we could not be more grateful to have our son grow and learn in a pre-school that really cares about the kids. From the moment we drop him off, we know that he will be in a clean, caring, and fun environment which makes all the difference in the world to my husband and I.

Saskia E.


Our son has had a great experience in the Mustangs classroom (3 year old). The playground at Rocking Horse is next to none, and I appreciate that the classrooms are so large and spacious with windows to let in natural light. Besides playing outside, I love that he gets to change spaces and move around a lot during his day – they eat lunch in a separate cafeteria, visit a computer classroom and have playtime in a gym…that was very important to us since many other places I toured basically have their kids contained in a single room all day. Also important for us was the teacher/student ratio; most of the day there are two teachers present in his room. My son seems engaged and challenged, and comes home each day happy to talk about ‘school’. I would recommend Rocking Horse to any friend in the area! 

Joya K.


The staff is very professional and friendly and I am happy my children have the opportunity to attend here.

Travis U.


Our son loves going here!  He especially likes outside time where he goes out to play twice a day.  He also enjoys wagon rides in the afternoon.  The teachers are great and it’s a wonderful atmosphere for him to grow and learn. 

Elisa A.


We heard such great things about Rocking Horse Academy. When we first inquired about care for our daughter there was a waiting list, so we went to a different center. So glad that we switched when a space became available, the difference in service and care was very noticeable immediately. My daughter has learned so much, made friends, and adores all of her teachers. Everything is so easy! We love RHA and the staff!

Stacy V.


Great teacher who excel at what they do best! It’s s supportive, welcoming learning environment!

Abby O.


Our daughter is in Kindergarten now. We got the “expectations” for her in a printout from her school and I have to say I am so proud! She has excelled so much already and it’s only been 2 weeks! It all starts with a good foundation. And while I would have helped to prepare her at home, I know it takes a village. I cannot say enough good things about Rocking Horse Academy. I know our kiddo loved her teachers and friends she made there. I cannot wait until our 3 year old and 2 year old are old enough to be enrolled in pre-k with you guys! No matter where we are, as long as our kids attend this amazing school, I know they will be provided with the tools to make elementary school an awesome experience. Thank you everyone for what you helped our baby girl to accomplish!!!!!

Heather W.


The teachers are amazing along with the administrators there. They are caring people. They love what they do.

Erica D.


Many may call it a “daycare” but in our family THIS IS A SCHOOL. The structure, passion of the educators and learning opportunities for our kids is something we always hoped for but we never found UNTIL RHA. I certainly hope that kindergarten can keep up with what we have come to expect from education due to Rocking Horse. Thank you!

Micah C.


We can’t put into words, how amazing Rocking horse academy is. We wouldn;t trust anyone else!

Matt P.


RHA has been a HUGE part of our life and aiding in raising our girls. You and your staff are the best in the lad as far as I am concerned and settle for nothing but the best when it comes to our little ones. For that we are eternally grateful. Thank you so much!

J. Amador


Dear Ms. Rebecca:

As you know, I am such a huge advocate of your school.  Our kids learn so much there and the teachers are just phenomenal.  I can’t say enough good things about who you have working at your facility.  As you know, my daughter, who is 4, has been in your school since 1.5 years old, and I wanted to take the time to show you just how much she has developed.  Attached is a clip of us reading about a month ago.  She has since progressed even more, but the fruits of the teachers’ labor are all over our babies.  She can easily outline the main organs of the body along with there functions.  We, as parents, sometimes take for granted just everything that you all do.  I really wanted to take the time to just say thank you, to you, the amazing staff, and of course our FAVORITE teachers:  Ms. Theresa, Ms. Tierra, Ms. Laurie, Ms. Kristina, and Ms. Jada.  These ladies go far beyond teaching; theya re teaching my kids to be respectful, functional human beings in society.  They take the time to explain the right and wrong, this is so important with kids, especially nowadays.  Thanks for everything.



Our son has had a great experience in the Mustangs classroom (3 years old).  The playground at Rocking Horse is next to none, and I appreciate that the classrooms are so large and spacious with windows to let in natural light.  Besides playing outside, I love that he gets to change spaces and move around a lot during his day – they eat lunch in a separate cafeteria, visit a computer classroom and have playtime in a gym … that was very important to us since many other places I toured basically have their kids contained in a single room all day.   Also important for us was the teacher/student ratio; most of the day there are two teachers present in his room.  My son seems engaged and challenged, and comes home each day happy to talk about ‘school’.  I would recommend Rocking Horse to any friend in the area!

 Joya K.  


I just want to congratulate you on the level of teacher commitment you have at Rocking Horse.  Every teacher I have ever encountered, whether or not my child was in their class, has been top notch.  Mrs. Diana has been especially great lately, calling me multiple times to ask questions about Gabbie, both simple questions about my preferences in potty training or complicated questions about her medication, or even to let me know about a box that was waiting for me at the front desk.  This morning I really appreciated how she took Gabbie by the hand to lead her to the gym when I was running late for a meeting, and it was obvious Gabbie felt comfortable with her. 

Again, I wanted to reiterate that ALL of your teachers have been amazing.  From Mrs. Pat who took the extra effort to encourage the kids to love Spanish in the Broncos classroom, to Ms Carmen in Broncos and Mrs. Tammy in Wranglers who worked so well with Braden and all other others boys in his class when they were acting like crazy boys ☺,  to Mrs. Theresa and Mrs. Laurie who were so kind to Gabbie AND Adam, our other foster son who would come with me to drop-off/pick-up at times, letting him play with the toys while I was talking with them about Gabbie’s case, to Bernie and Linda who also ask regularly about Gabbie, and our hopes to be able to adopt her.  And even to the other afternoon teacher in Chargers 1 who called me on the day of the flood this year and didn’t hold it against me that I was a frantic mess because I couldn’t get to Rocking Horse because the roads were blocked!  Ms. Erica, Ms. Amber, Mr. George, and so many other people that I know by face even if not by name, everyone has always been encouraging, pleasant, and positive, to both me and more importantly, to the kids.  I honestly could go on and on about every teacher who has impacted our family, but this 3-mail would never end.  Your school has been a blessing to our family, and I am very grateful for it.
Thank you for your dedication



We just recently put our 3 year old daughter in Rocking Horse after moving to Plum Creek. We have heard nothing but great things about this place, and it’s close so we scheduled a visit. Our little girls LOVES this place as well as the teachers and students. They are a great group of people who love to teach and to be involved with their kids. They are not just babysitters. They are also great teachers to our young kid. Their mission is to prepare our kids for their next steps in life. Thank you so much for all you do for our little girl.

 P. Askevich 


The staff at Rocking Horse Academy are very respectful as well as friendly, and they always have a smile for you. I am very happy with my child attending this school.

 A. bird


Rocking Horse welcomed us when my daughter had a bad incident at her previous after school program. From day one, the staff and administration has treated us soo nice. My daughter likes her teachers, she feels safe now and msot of all I have peace of mind. Thank you Rocking Horse staff and administration. I appreciate everything.

 Araceli R.


This school is amazing! My child has food allergies, and I am comfortable every single day when I leave! The Director and the teachers have provided extra training, resources and procedures for my child and their staff to ensure the best possible care! Everyone knows our names, even the teachers that dont yet have my child in their class! This is a family environment-not a cold, detached facility! I love that everyone know me and my child when we walk in! The facility itself is also fantastic! Gym, beautiful playground with cover form the sun, and separate playgrounds for the smaller children! AWESOME!

– Rianne

03/7/ 2012

Our family has had one of the best childcare experience with Rocking Horse Academy!!! We currently have two children attending this school. Our youngest started when she was just 4 months old and our other daughter was two yrs old. We checked out several facilities in the Buda/Kyle area!!! None of the other facilities in the area compared. We have yet to have a complaint about anything in which pertains to this academy. The staff is excellent… their policies are fair and have my children in mind at all times…their billing is pain free…they send an email and allow you to pay online!!!! If you have not seen their facility you should schedule a tour today!! We plan on keeping our children there until they enter into Public School….which we know they will be well prepared for by Rocking Horse Academy!!!



My daughter had a bad incident at the daycare she had been attending for several years and I was very upset to say the least. Fortunately, I had a friend who worked at Rocking Horse and she put me in touch with them. My daughter was accepted and from the first time I met with them, I have been pleased with their customer service and commitment to their mission. My daughter is happy and loves the after school activities. The facility includes a gym and their playground is soo nice. Thank you for making room for my daughter and making her feel safe and welcome!

– Aracelin


Rocking Horse Academy is located in Kyle, TX and has easy access to enter. Parking is available on both sides of the building. The outside play area has a large shade tent that is perfect for the summer days of TX. We have been very happy with our teachers and have had great open communication. If we ever had a question or concern, my child’s teacher is welcoming to talk and meet with us, as well as the director, Rebecca Eichen. We LOVE Ms. Amber G. and are so thankful for the care and attention she brings to our child. They have extended hours that fits into the needs of most families. There is after school care and summer camps, as well as programs through the year for the children to sign up for. The gym/lunch room is a large area that provides space for different activities for the children. RHA does a great job of including families in events throughout the year.

– KateKD


This facility is large and clean. Has great age appropriate playgrounds with new sun covers over playscape. A large number of long term teachers who care and have well scheduled, active days. A gym for lunch,PE, movies and rainy day recess. A good, varied menu from the in house kitchen, snacks are included. The babies get great attention and Mary Martha is the best. Hours are longer than all others in the area and prices are reasonable. After care and summer camp for older kids available. Sometimes the level of attention drops off in the late afternoon, as they rotate through a lot of college age “babysitters” who get overwhelmed by large classes when left solo after 3 pm. Parking is limited but not usually a problem.

– Jenmac


We love this school. The teachers are phenomenal!!! They truly care about the students and they are very professional. Most of the teachers have bachelor degrees or other certifications. Kids who attend do really well in school. I have two kids who have gone through or are going through their program. They are doing so well in school. They love going to school to see their friends. This is an amazing center. The food is home cooked. The hours are convenient. They have a huge gym, computer lab. It’s always clean and bright. Best in Hays County!!

– Margaret D.


This place is perfect for your child. They provide daycare as well as teach your child in a safe setting. There is code given out to parents so you can open the door to get in. Kids are only given to their parents or whomever the parents designated. This is a bright large victorian facility. It looks like a big house. The staff is wonderful with the children. My grandchild can’t wait to go each day . I highly recommend it. They have a parking lot on the side for parents. They have a large playground for the children and a smaller indoor playground for those under 2, a computer room, they provide snacks and lunches are a $1.75. I highly recommend this facility to any parent needing childcare/preschool.

– Kenneth P.


This is an amazing school. I have two children. One is now in elementary school and is already reading in kindergarten thanks to the staff at Rocking Horse. My youngest is learning so much and loves going to school. They have separate playgrounds for younger students and a protected atrium for the babies. It’s the best playground in the county. The teachers are professional and loving. They have a huge gym for rainy days, a computer lab and library, & Spanish lessons. I could not be happier. The administrators all live in the area and are part of the community as well. They really care about Kyle and the right way to treat people. I had a problem one month and they were good about working with me. And when my son was going through a phase throwing fits, they were right there helping me change his behaviors. In no time, Sam was back to being a sweet boy and listening to me. I thank my lucky stars to have found this school.

– Blossom


Ignore the OBVIOUS disgruntled employee who was most likely NOT taking good care of the kids in RHA and got fired. My son has been at RHA for 3+ yrs and it is by far the #1 daycare center in Hays County. Trust me, I have checked. The cost is higher than a normal daycare but your child is getting much more than basic child care. The facility is run professionally, has educated teachers, and is extremely clean. I am VERY picky over where my son goes. If I have ever had an issue with an aide or anything it has been dealt with quickly. The money you put into having your child there is returned in full. My son is now in Kinder and is advanced for his age. Each classroom has a lot of activities especially in arts and crafts. They have a huge playground for all ages, an indoor safety play area for lil ones, and a gym to give the kids exercise on bad weather days. If your kid needs after school care they have a bus to pick them up. They think of everything and I am VERY happy with my choice.

– Michele S

01/ 06/2009

I am a teacher and a mother of two. I have had my children at Rocking Horse Academy since my first was born and have had nothing but love and special attention paid to me and my family from both the teachers and its administrative staff. It’s director, asst. director and front office staff are always warm and inviting and energtic and willing to jump in and help with anything needed.

I have seen my children grow and learn some much under their care. They host numerous year-round family activities and incourage open communication. I couldn’t/wouldn’t trust my children with anyone else. You can’t beat the building, staff and program. My children are worth it and then some!!!!

– Maria


Amazing Center: Rocking Horse Academy is an awesome center for children. The kids get a great pre-school curriculum and the teachers are highly attentive to parent and child. It’s a family run center and it shows by the quality of care and their attentiveness to each family. My children have been attending for 6 years now and I wouldn’t think of taking them any place else.

They have several large playgrounds, an indoor gym, computer and library lab, its just an incredable school. And they are very reasonable. Check them out, they are awesome! 

– soccer mom


This is a beautiful Victorian styled childcare facility. It is located in Plum Creek subdivision in Kyle Texas. Its a very pretty well lit building. Parking is limited. The rooms for the children are colorful and bright. The staff is friendly, educated and work well with the children to educate them according to their age groups. They do daily activities with the children. And inform the parents of their kids progress. I was very pleased with this facility an highly recommend it to others. The prices are a bit higher than some other childcare facilities but they do a lot with the children. They also offer lunches that can be purchased . They have a nice playground for the kids to play on.

– Jane P.