Chargers 1 (24 months – 30 months)


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Rocking Horse Academy’s terrific twos are embarking on great adventures and their classroom reflects that. We offer a vibrant atmosphere of learning which includes various opportunities for imaginative play, reading, science, math, music, and art. We begin preparing all students for elementary school by lining up to move to recess, to the cafeteria for lunch, and to the gym for organized PE.

Our teachers support their students by developing attention spans and building lesson plans that encourage their burgeoning ability to focus and follow directions. During this time, teachers also reinforce the concepts of sharing and using our manners. We believe all children deserve caring environments in which to develop self-esteem, experience emotional well-being, and learn to form caring relationships; and our classroom teachers implement this approach.

During this stage teachers also work with parents in potty training. Children are encouraged to use the potty throughout the course of the day. At Rocking Horse Academy, we feel parent-teacher cooperation is fundamental in the potty-training process. A child learning to use the toilet may be as big an issue for parents as it is for the children-it is a milestone we are eager to reach!