Chargers 2 (30 months – 36 months)


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Rocking Horse Academy’s oldest toddlers are well on their way to becoming official preschoolers, and we promote their newfound independence with responsibility and positive reinforcement. We work through their journey of growth and developmental milestones by offering numerous challenges in the areas of cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, and social skills in a loving and caring environment. We begin preparing all students for elementary school by lining up to move to recess, to the cafeteria for lunch, and to the gym for organized PE.

Rocking Horse Academy has created a safe and comfortable environment which makes your child more open to take risks and be more autonomous. As the children’s independence becomes more evident, they are enthusiastic about responsibilities including taking care of toys and books, cleaning up and participating in daily activities. As your children discovers all the things they can do, they want to do more things for themselves.

Rocking Horse Academy’s educators know the importance of language and communication. Our teachers begin to ask open-ended questions to encourage children to verbalize their ideas and promote conversations amongst them. As children create theories and ask questions, projects begin to emerge. Through projects, children develop cognitive skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, understanding cause and effect, sharing and how to be a member of a group.