Pintos (Younger 3’s)


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Rocking Horse Academy’s blossoming three-year-olds are part of an environment that encourages interactions between the children. Our skilled teachers know three-year-olds are still making sense of the world around them. Rocking Horse Academy’s curriculum is designed to actively engage each child in developmentally age-appropriate activities, delving into the subject areas of literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts and more. We begin preparing all students for elementary school by lining up to move to recess, to the cafeteria for lunch, to the gym for organized PE, and to the computer lab for ABC Mouse. Each student has his/her own account that can be accessed and used at home as well.

Our environment is arranged to expose children to their written name, establish a daily routine, create peer relationships, and start to express their thoughts and ideas in simple sentences. Encouraging communication between the children builds a better understanding of a classroom communities dynamics.

We do not limit our teaching philosophy to one paradigm but have selected the best practices from a variety of programs. Our classroom is spacious and equipped to create centers that help students focus on specific skills and benchmarks. Children love to feel a sense of accomplishment and putting a puzzle together, or painting and drawing are more ways they demonstrate their growing abilities.