Corral Kids (After School/Summer Camp)


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Rocking Horse Academy’s K-5th grade student program offers everything from physical fitness to academic enrichment. Our program is designed to create a guided environment for fun and learning.

We have an established schedule including times for outside play, school provided snack, homework/cool down, and group activity time. We continue to include age-specific curriculum incorporating STEAM activities, arts and crafts, and free play with all age groups. With staff guidance, students are encouraged to learn behavior management and to problem solve. Our goal is to have a fun and safe environment for students to grow and learn what it is to be a respectful and awesome school-aged student.

Rocking Horse Academy provides meaningful and enriching experiences for its summer camp students. Although we know summer can be considered a time for relaxation, we strive to maintain our standard of excellence by integrating inspiring surroundings and purposeful adventures. Summer camp is designed for weekly enrollment so families can choose which weeks they need care. Camps are theme-based to offer a variety of activities and interests to the school-aged child.