At Rocking Horse Academy we pride ourselves in offering a stimulating environment for our children.  We do not limit our teaching philosophy to one paradigm but have selected the best practices from a variety of programs.  Our classrooms are spacious and equipped to create centers that help students focus on specific skills and benchmarks.  We expand our curriculum beyond the ABC’s and 123’s to cover the world of science, math, computers, language development, dramatic and creative arts.  These students participate in our Stretch ‘n Grow physical education and nutrition program as part of their curriculum.  Our computer lab and library allow students to access technology on a daily basis.  We feature guest speakers (dentists, firefighters, The Cat in the Hat) who stop by to share some important information.  Students take field trips to local museums, zoos, and other events to enhance our program.  And at the end of PreK, students experience a graduation ceremony marking a milestone in their lives.

We know communication with our parents is important.  Teachers publish lesson plans weekly.  We also maintain daily Behavior Logs, modeled after the system widely used in school districts, using green, yellow, and red colors to designate appropriate behaviors.  The school publishes a quarterly newsletter highlighting curriculum themes and projects plus notifying parents of special events and parenting tips. Our annual Back to School night brings school and families together for a very special informative evening!  In January, we schedule a parent/teacher conference, which focuses on our age-specific Benchmarks set by TEA and Creative Curriculum. 

Our lower teacher/student ratios allow our staff to focus on individual student needs.  Our Preschool classrooms, with multiple learning centers, are carefully designed to provide a secure environment with unlimited educational opportunities and fun!

Our Program includes the following areas: 

  • Reading Readiness & Phonics
  • Language Arts
  • Math Concepts and Number Recognition
  • Science and Discovery
  • Introduction to Writing Journals
  • Social Studies – Children Around the World Festival
  • Computer Lab
  • Creative Arts
  • Dramatic/Home Centers
  • Music and Creative Movement
  • Physical Fitness/Stretch ‘n Grow
  • Practical Life Skills
  • Positive Self-Concept and Social Development Activities
Social & Emotional Development

  Accepts and responds to teacher’s authority

Respects and shows concern for people/things

Plays and shares cooperatively with other children

Has a good self-image

Has appropriate control over his/her
feelings and actions

Follows routines independently

Follows directions

Works well in small groups

Does not disturb his/her classmate’s work

Can use the bathroom independently

Can put on own coat/jacket

Gross Motor

Runs without falling

Jumps with two feet

Walks backward

Hops on one foot

Balances on one foot

Skips (alternating feet)

Catches a ball

Can swing on a swing

Oral Comprehension

   Follows directions

Recognizes rhyming sounds

Recognizes initial consonant sounds

Communicates in complete sentences

Participates in group discussions

Waits his/her turn to speak

Speaks clearly

Fine Motor

Draws pictures with detail

Illustrates body parts when drawing human figures

Holds pen/crayon correctly and writes letters ledgibly

Completes puzzles 50+ pieces

Uses scissors to cut an outlined shape

Traces lines and curves accurately

Colors within the lines

Manipulates zippers, buttons, snaps

Laces string

Ties shoe

Basic Skills

    Recognition of personal information (name, age, birthdate, etc.)

Mathematics Readiness

Quantitative differences

Understands positional/oppositional concepts

Sorting, patterns, numbers

Written forms of ABC’s and 123’s

Additional/subtraction single digits

Value of money

Tells time

Literary knowledge

Alphabet – verbal, written, upper case, lower case

Follows simple directions

Answers questions about a story

Main idea of a story

Can make predictions about a story

Repeats songs/stories/poems from memory

Asks simple questions

   Holds books properly

Identifies parts of a book

Sounds out words

Reads simple sentences

Recognizes sight words

Writes left to right

Our specially trained teachers skillfully guide our Preschool students through a variety of exciting destinations that include:

Large Indoor Gym

4,000 sq. ft. indoor gym encourages games and fun regardless of the weather! We have a stage and lighting perfect for our children’s performances, plays and graduations!  We also have a projection-style theater-screen for those very special movies!

Resource Room and Library

A specialized room that provides exceptional toys and educational equipment, plus an extensive library complete with a lending library!

Age-Specific Outdoor Playgrounds

An environmental playground with tricycle tracks, spring riders, and a large playscape that includes tubes, tunnels and multiple slides!

Soccer Field

A great addition to our playground, allowing our young students to improve their coordination and engage in friendly competition!

Computer Lab

Equipped with eight independent computer systems, our children enjoy age-appropriate and fun software in a classroom atmosphere!

Enrichment Programs

To enhance our comprehensive Preschool program, we also provide enrichment activities specialized in the following areas:

Spanish:  Rocking Horse Academy incorporates Natural© approach to introduce vocabulary and common phrases into our lessons. Students are introduced to words and songs in Spanish in an effort to gain confidence and familiarity with a second language.

Computers: Because computer technology has become integrated with all levels of education, we feel it is an important part of our program. Our Computer Lab is equipped with six independent computer stations and an extensive variety of software for each developmental level.  

Optional Programs

We know your schedules are very busy so with your convenience in mind, we provide the following programs at an additional cost.  Please call our front desk for further details.

Sport & Dance Program:  On-site dance or sports lessons are available to enhance our children’s appreciation for music, movement and teamwork.