Our Toddler staff is comprised of qualified, experienced teachers who can create dynamic curriculum for our students.  We are a theme-based curriculum structured around benchmarks recognized by Creative Curriculum and TEA.  Our focus for the Toddler aged child is continuing gross motor development, building verbal skills, and encouraging positive social behaviors.  Our ratios are well under state minimum standards so that we can better individualize our lessons. 

Daily communication with our parents is vital to the success of your child.  Not only will we keep the family informed of food eaten, naps taken, and potty-training progress, our teachers also make sure to communicate your child’s experiences and behaviors in a daily report with all the details you need to know! Some families provide us with disposable cameras to help capture those Kodak moments for them.

Our comprehensive Toddler developmental program includes the following:

  • Verbal/Language Development
  • Numbers Play
  • Creative Art
  • Music Appreciation
  • Dramatic Play
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills
  • Positive Self-Concept and Social Development Activities
Social & Emotional Development

Separates from parents easily

Plays independently

Practices symbolic play  (block as a car)

Plays cooperatively with friends

Learning to take turns

Follows routines independently

Gross Motor

Moves to music

Pushes/pulls toys



Climbs playground equipment

Walks backward

Throws a ball

Self Help

Naps once a day

Washes own hands

Seats self in child-sized chairs

Assists in or independently dresses self

Fine Motor

Empty/Fill container

Turns pages of a book

Scribble with crayon

Work simple puzzle

Stacks blocks

Fits shapes into matching slots


Follows object with eyes

Understands simple instructions

Understands and/or uses sign language
to communicate

Enjoys listening to song/finger plays and stories

Names or points to familiar objects

Follows multi-step instructions

Academic benchmarks

Dramatic play

Sensory experiences

Manipulative (puzzles)


Music and Movement



Math Concepts

4,000 sq.ft. gym

Computer lab


Academic benchmarks

Rocking Horse Academy uses centers and learning through play to facilitate academic growth.  We use age appropriate centers where children use specific skills to play with toys.

Age-Specific Outdoor Playground

A fenced open playground with push/pull riders, tunnels and a playscape that includes a slide and multiple play panels.

Toddler Atrium Playground

A colorful playground with a playscape featuring slides and stairs, cars, push toys, riding toys all in a safely enclosed environment.

Through all of our many programs, we seek to accomplish our most important objective: to provide a happy, productive educational environment for your child.

Our youngest students will have many opportunities to grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. We will gently guide them toward becoming happy and inquisitive learners!